A web based tool for Oracle DBA's

Written and maintained by Adam vonNieda.
Kansas, USA

Latest version is  3.0.3 - Released August, 2022

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   Oracletool is an interactive, web based application that runs as a CGI script using your web server. The advantage of Oracletool over non web based tools is that nothing needs to be installed on the client side machine. All you need to use Oracletool, once installed, is a web browser. There is nothing that needs to be created or altered in your databases to use Oracletool either, other than a role for users who are not DBA's, but want to use the tool. No database changes whatsoever are needed for a DBA to use Oracletool.

Oracletool is distributed free of charge.

Oracletool was featured in several books a long time ago.